INKS, LLC

Water Based Inks

CustaClean Water (CCW)

  •  Highest print quality ink on the market
  • Adheres to most substrates
  • Excellent for jobs with halftone screens
  • pH stable, no VOC's
  • Heat sealable

CustoWater Hi-Gloss (CWHG)

  •  Compatible with other aqueous inks
  • Provides excellent print quality and gloss
  • For paper substrates and acrylic-coated foil

UniversiFlex Water (UVW)

  • USDA approved and FDA accepted for both direct and indirect contact with food
  • Sterilizable
  • Chemical resistant
  • For synthetic materials

Maxi-Bond Water (MBW)

  • Supplements UniversiFlex Water
  • Provides better adhesion on a few synthetic materials  

CustoWater Dye-Glow (CWDG)

  • Strong, bright, stable fluorescents that match the 800 series colors
  • Easy to print

CustoWater Gloss Metallic

  • Stable, non-gassing, metallics
  • Match the industry's color guide or your custom colors

Solvent Based Inks

CustoGloss (CG)

CustoPure (CP)

Custom Label (CL)

  • Highest quality printing ink for paper substrates
  • CstoPure is designed for contact with food (FDA and USDA compliant)
  • Custom Label is our light fast version
  • All heat sealable

CustaMide Tape (CMT)

  • Industry standard for applications on OPP carton sealing tape
  • No release coat is necessary

CustaMide Polyester (CMP)

  • Exhibits excellent scratch and rub resistance on polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, acetate, top-coated vinyl, litho, and latex impregnated stock

Butyflex PVC (BF PVC)

  • Alcohol, gasoline, and acid resistant
  • Sterilizable
  • For PVC tape and vinyl
  • Use butyl plates only

CustaFlex Vinyl (CFV)

  • For raw vinyl, vinyl-coated foil, styrene, polycarbonate, and reflective film


  • The industry standard for adhesive, extrusion, and solventless laminations