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[Product Image]    Solvent Based Inks

CustoGloss (CG) 

CustoPure (CP) 

Custom Label (CL)

  • Highest quality printing ink for paper substrates.  CustoPure is designed for contact with food (FDA and USDA compliant).  Custom Label is our light fast version.  All heat sealable.

CustaMide Tape (CMT)

  • Industry standard for applications on OPP carton sealing tape.  No release coat is necessary.

CustaMide Polyester (CMP)

  • Exhibits excellent scratch and rub resistance on polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, acetate, top-coated vinyl, litho and latex impregnated stock.

ButyFlex PVC (BF PVC)

  • Alcohol, gasoline and acid resistant.  Sterilizable.  For PVC tape and vinyl.  Use butyl plates only.

CustaFlex Vinyl (CFV)

  • For raw vinyl, vinyl-coated foil, styrene, polycarbonate and reflective film.


  • The industry standard for adhesive, extrusion, and solventless laminations.

Last modified: 12/12/08