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Breaking News - Custalith Inks are here

         For years Custom Printing Inks has custom made Off-set Sheetfed printing inks at our customers requests and specifications. To help insure our continued growth, we decided to carry a standard line of Off-set Sheetfed inks. Thus the Custalith Ink Series was born.

        These inks are some of the best in the industry. These are low tack with excellent color strength. They stay open in the press to insure the best printing quality, but dry quickly to enable the printer to cut and fold sheets the same day. The Pantone* colors actually match the PMS book. The process inks stay open and print with excellent dot structure. When printed at the recommended densities (see below), the printer should experience excellent color development. The process black is strong enough to be used as a line black to reduce the need of carrying two separate blacks in inventory. All sheetfed printers should try these inks as it will save them time and money.

                          SUGGESTED DENSITY READINGS

             Uncoated Stock                                Coated Stock

Process Yellow     90-95                   Process Yellow     100-105

Process Magenta   115-120             Process Magenta   140-145

Process Cyan        110-115               Process Cyan         130-135

Process Black        135-140               Process Black       170-175

* Pantone is a registered trademark

Last modified: 12/12/08